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Getting a job in the tech ecosystem requires some talent and job hunting skills. Being a junior or mid-level techie with less work experience makes it even worse as companies want to hire the best talent and don't believe you're competent. We have therefore created WeJapa to help techies gain access to tech jobs across Africa, Europe and North America.

WeJapa has simplified the entire job-hunting process making it easier to find jobs, apply and relocate to locations outside your home country for work. Your Job Search Ends when you join WeJapa :)


Japa originates from two Yoruba (A language of south-western people of Nigeria called by the same name.) words. Ja which means to run and Pa which is used to exaggerate any verb in the Yoruba language. Japa means to run swiftly out of a dangerous situation. In this context, you shouldn't be unemployed once you have the skills and talents, run swiftly to a successful career!

How We Help You JAPA

WE GRANT ACCESS - Gain Access to Thousands of Jobs

Finding the right job that meets a career development goal can be very hard, finding one in the right location is even harder. As a techie, you should spend your time focusing on the product you're building, not worrying about bills to pay, accommodation, or feeding. At WeJapa, our commitment is to connect people with the right job. Our very relatable brand, and passion to empower Africans through technology, has enabled us to help over 15 people since we launched (and counting) gain access to tech jobs across Africa, Europe, and North America.

WE ASSESS - Get a Free Skill-level or Talent Assessment

In all honesty, no expert or individual can properly evaluate his or her own abilities, only another expert or professional can. At WeJapa, we help developers assess their skill-level or talent based on their ability to solve problems, learning speed, and strength of character. We also carry out assessments based on behavioural and situational capabilities to determine leadership potentials. We want to make sure every techie has the competency and stack-ability to execute world-class projects.

WE MATCH - Perfect Fit Jobs Across Countries, and Continents

Like everyone else, hiring managers want value for their money, and as such looks out for talents and potential talents. Based on our assessments at WeJapa we match your talents with the right jobs or projects that fit your personal growth and career development perfectly. We match your hard software skill with your soft skills to recommend the perfect job which comes with great perks, and benefits for you where you can work and highly function as part of a team.


Opportunities to work across Africa, Europe and North America provided at WeJapa ranges from full-time, part-time, short-term, contractual and freelance. Work does not have to be rigid and boring. At WeJapa, we provide various job opportunities to tech experts to choose from; jobs that come with all the perks of modern workplaces such as a 6-7 figure salary, allowances, accommodation, feeding, opportunity to relocate and many more. These jobs provide you with the best-in-class working environment, incentives, support, and infrastructures, so you can focus on work, and never get worked-up working. In other words, they take real work out of the work.



“First, I am an experienced Software Engineer passionate about building innovative products geared toward simplifying & improving life. I have worked with small & large companies, and I know how challenging it is to land a good-paying job.

While studying in the USA, I, somehow, got to interview with Facebook, GitHub, Pwc, Spherexx, Expessicor, Coinbase, Dropbox, Autodesk, Box, PureStorage, BMW, Honeypot GmbH, Steinunn | Certara GmbH and many others. I landed some, some rejected me, I rejected some. I have also consulted for Saint Louis University & Oklahoma State University (USA), and other private organizations.

Just yesterday (April 28th, 2020) Facebook reached out to me for a full-time role, which Lord knows, I am not interested in “at this time”.

With my experience working with small & large companies, I fully understand the process of getting the right talents matched with the right companies.

One day, I’ll tell you about my thinking process and how I started WeJapa. You should also expect to read about how I sold 2 startups - college situation ($70k) & Tugure ($17k). Let’s wait for that day :)”


WeJapa is run by an amazing team of engineers and top talents from Nigeria, Rwanda and USA working passionately to help tech talents succeed in their careers.



While we have launched in Beta, we would be launching a new feature that will allow companies, startups, or recruiters to hire top talents from our pool of vetted technical talents. If you need talents now, kindly email us at .


The WeJapa app is now available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, head to https://wejapa.com and download for your preferred device now.


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