Getting Started with WeJapa - An Overview and Practical Guide

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Three months ago, we launched WeJapa to simplify the entire job-hunting process, making it easier to find jobs, apply and relocate to locations outside your home country for work and so far it's been amazing.

WeJapa is a Talent-as-a-service company that provides highly sought-after opportunities for African techies and in the few months of our launch, we've connected lots of vetted technical professionals with freelance, part-time and full-time job opportunities in several regions across the world.

In this article, I'll take you through a tour of the WeJapa application for Android, iOS and Web. We will cover all the prerequisites you need to get started and land a job via WeJapa. Let's get started? 🙃

Access the WeJapa App


The very first step of getting started with WeJapa is to download the WeJapa app where all the Japa gems are distributed. The WeJapa App is available on Android, iOS and as a PWA web application for your own convenience.


Before you proceed to the signup process and start your application, you need the following:

  • Ability to read instructions.
  • Ability to pay attention to details.
  • Stable internet connection.
  • An active GitHub Account, Portfolio or Website.
  • A valid Resume that can be accessed publicly.

How to Signup

Ensure you have downloaded the WeJapa App or visit You can download the App from the links listed above.


After the welcome screens, click the Sign Up button to begin your application process.

WeJapa Mobile App.png


The signup page will display now. Enter your details as requested in the form.

WeJapa Mobile App.png

Please resist the urge to submit a link to a GitHub account with no or inactive repositories. Your GitHub account should contain all past and current projects you have worked on.

We will use this to review your technical abilities and strengths. If you don't have any repository or your repositories are private, please consider submitting your portfolio instead.

  • A link to your StackOverflow account. This is optional but necessary if you have an active account.
  • A link to your Resume that is publicly accessible on the internet

Based on past applications we have reviewed, a lot of applicants added a link to their resume which were not publicly accessible and this led to their applications being rejected. Do not be too eager to Japa, treat your application with optimum care. If you're not sure what to do, here are some options you can consider:

  • Host your resume on your portfolio website or a free hosting platform like Netlify or GitHub Pages. Upload the resume.pdf file to your host server, which can then be accessed via

  • Host your resume file in one of your GitHub repositories and add a link to the resume RAW file.

  • Upload your Resume to third-party file hosting platforms like: Google Drive, DropBox, Notion, MediaFire, Microsoft OneDrive and others. By default your uploaded files will be private to you alone or any other email you add to the file. Create a shared link and ensure to make the shared link public before adding it to your application.

  • Select your work experience level from the dropdown field (Junior: 1 - 2 years, Mid-level: 3 - 5 years and Senior level: > 5 years).


Click the button with the arrow label once you complete the form and you'll be redirected to a new page where you'll enter your new password with a minimum of 6 characters. This password will be used to authenticate your account when logging in via any WeJapa app.

Click the checkbox below the input field to agree to our Terms of service and finally click the button with the arrow label again.


After this, you have successfully applied to become a WeJapan. We will email you to notify you about the success of your application and begin reviewing your application.

Reviews usually take 5 - 7 business working days but we will ensure to give you feedback on your application if you get accepted or rejected.

How to Apply for Jobs

WeJapa Job Board.png

Upon approval of your application, you can begin to apply for jobs via our Job board. Once you visit any of our apps and login to your approved account, you'll automatically see the open and closed job openings on the board.

Click on any job of interest, see more details about the job and click the Apply Now button. We will then email you if your application is successful or rejected.


Connect with WeJapa

You can connect with WeJapa on any of our social platforms. Our support team is here to attend to your needs, questions and concerns. Please reach out via:


WeJapa Homepage.png

Registering to join WeJapa doesn't mean you automatically get a job. The early verification process is just to ensure all users on the platform are professionals and have merited all basic requirements. When you become a verified user, you can then begin to apply for jobs ranging from freelance, contract, part-time or full-time jobs.

WeJapa is here to provide you with highly sought-after opportunities and a simplified job-hunting process. Remember, you shouldn't be unemployed once you have the skills and talents? Shall WeJapa help you Japa?

Massabe Lydiane's photo

Thank you Ayo and team Wejapa, but it is like I can't see the Sign In button on my android device. Please what is the issue?

Bolaji Ayodeji's photo

This issue is fixed now, please update your app:)

Efereyan Karen Simisola's photo

Thanks as always Ayo and wejapa as a whole. Your hard work is Appreciated

Efereyan Karen Simisola's photo

Thanks as always Ayo and wejapa as a whole. Your hard work is Appreciated

Bolaji Ayodeji's photo

Thank you for trusting us :)

thetreasure olatunbosun's photo

If you don't make the cut the first time would there be an opportunity to try later on

Bolaji Ayodeji's photo

Yes, you can apply again after 90 days if your application gets rejected.

You're to use the 90days to improve yourself and keep learning :)